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Pooled Employer Plan vs. State Mandated IRA

Trait Castle Rock PEP State IRA

Investment Options

Professionally Managed

Government Selected

Employer Match

Employer Option


2024 Employee Contribution Limits



Pretax and Roth Contributions

Both Pretax and Roth


Annual Limit Employee + Employer



Age 50+ Catch-up Contribution



Employer Contribution Tax Credits

up to $1,000 per employee


Plan Costs as Business Deductions

Your Choice



  • $500 for three years

    To add automatic enrollment plan provision.

  • $250 for startup costs in first three years

    Per eligible non-highly compensated employee up to $5,000 each year.

  • $1,000 per employee

    For employer contribution to participants earning up to $100,000. Gradually reduces over five years. See IRS Form 8881.

State-Programs-Employer-Implementation-Timeline-Gantt-Chart from Georgetown University

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PEP Benefits

Just a few of the benefits of pooled employer plans...

  • Scalable for micro plans

  • Individual plan design

  • Reduced fiduciary risk

  • Zero audit fee

  • Outsource trustee role

  • One Form 5500

Plan feature
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